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Coastal Cider



Turunesh is an Experimental Afro Indie RnB Singer-Songwriter of Tanzanian & Ethiopian origin. Having grown up in Tanzania her East African roots dictate the creation and development of her alternative style of music. She has 2 self titled EP’s (2016 & 2018), 4 singles(2018 - 2019), and a debut album ‘Coastal Cider’ (2019) that merge sounds and languages from Eastern & Western Africa as well as Neo Soul & Rnb influences. The 22 year old’s freestyle approach to her song making stems from growing up listening to old school Afro Jazz and Blues. 

Turunesh EP 2016 Description 

Turunesh’s first self titled EP can be described as a collection of forgotten songs and poems. In over the course of 48 hours Turunesh record  her first EP ( 6 tracks) with the help of Tanzanian producer and good friend A.V.I.D. This particular project involved skimming through her song journal, looking for lost pieces of paper, and free-styling behind the microphone. It’s because of this that every song is its own individual story and resulting why Turunesh was unable to give the project a name that was definitive of its entirety, therefore it was named Turunesh. As a songwriter this project was approached as fictional body of work, drawing from completely imagined stories.