Turunesh is a Experimental Neo Afro Soul Singer-Songwriter of Tanzanian & Ethiopian origin. Having grown up in Tanzania, her East African roots dictated the creation and development of her alternative style of music. She has 2 self titled EP’s (2016 & 2018), 4 singles (2018 - 2019), and a debut album ‘Coastal Cider’ (2019) that merge sounds and languages from Eastern & Western Africa as well as Neo Soul & Rnb influences. The 22 year old’s freestyle approach to her song making stems from growing up listening to old school Afro Jazz and Blues.


Turunesh is currently based in Vancouver, CA, where she has been making great strides in the live music scene and become one of the cities renowned international-local performers. When she sings she showcases monumental control and intuition. Her main intention when performing is to maintain a

strong connection with the audience. Her blending of languages such as Kiswahili and English as well as her fusion of world genres makes it easy to lose oneself and urges you to feel the music in a way that is transportive, taking her listeners to a coastal paradise of her own imagination.