Electronic Press Kit

Goosehunt Music Festival 

University of British Columbia,

March 31st, 2018

Dear Vancouver 

Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver,

January 12th, 2019

Africa Fashion & Arts Movement 

Scottish Cultural Centre, Vancouver,

February 16th, 2019

Wizkid Concert (Opening act)

Harbour Event Centre, Vancouver,

April 6th, 2019 

Mr Eazi Concert (Opening act)

Commodore Room, Vancouver, 

April 18th, 2019


Afro Vibe (Headliner) 

Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver,

May 16th, 2019 

Surrey Fusion Festival Opening Night

The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver,

July 19th, 2019

Surrey Fusion Festival (Headliner for AHFOMAD)

Holland Park, Vancouver,

July 21st 2019

Burna Boy Concert (Opening act)

The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver,

August 17th, 2019

Richmond World Festival 

Minoru Park, Richmond,

August 21st, 2019

Sofar Sounds Vancouver

Suite Genius Mt Pleasant, Vancouver,

Sept 7th & Oct 17th 2019

Turunesh Concert (Debut Album; 'Coastal Cider' Show)

Calabash Bistro, Vancouver,

Sept 11th, 2019

ASEM World Annual Fundraising Event 

The Vancouver Club, Vancouver,

Sept 22nd, 2019

Turunesh Show

Guilt & Company, Vancouver,

September 24th, 2019

Turunesh EP 2016 Description 

Turunesh’s first self titled EP can be described as a collection of forgotten songs and poems. In over the course of 48 hours Turunesh record  her first EP ( 6 tracks) with the help of Tanzanian producer and good friend A.V.I.D. This particular project involved skimming through her song journal, looking for lost pieces of paper, and free-styling behind the microphone. It’s because of this that every song is its own individual story and resulting why Turunesh was unable to give the project a name that was definitive of its entirety, therefore it was named Turunesh. As a songwriter this project was approached as fictional body of work, drawing from completely imagined stories. 

Turunesh EP 2018 Description

Turunesh’s second EP was produced by and recorded in Dar es Salaam over the summer of 2017. Tanzanian Producer VictorTheTraveler and Turunesh worked tirelessly for months to produce a small body of work that was large in feeling and sonic prowess. The first song on the project “Midnight” is a jazz love song that Turunesh & Victor freestyled from beginning to end in under 3 minutes on the very first day that they met. After what felt like a moment of magic and immense musical chemistry the two decided to create an EP together. Turunesh saw this project as a continuation of her first EP that would be reflective of her growth as a vocalist & song writer which is why it has the same name. 

Notable Performances

Coastal Cider Debut Album 2019 Description

Coastal Cider is Turunesh’s first album and most wholesome body of work. In October 2018 Turunesh, based in Vancouver,  and close friend & Nigerian

artist-producer Tim Lyre, based in London, were in conversion regarding music as they often are and decided from worlds apart to make an EP. In a matter of a fews texts what went from a 5 track project turned into “how about 10? Let’s make and album.” In the course of 7 months, what felt like hundreds of FaceTime studio sessions with producer Lyre, and countless hours of songwriting Turunesh wrote & recorded her first Album. Coastal Cider is Turunesh’s most definitive project as it eloquently represents who she is as an artist today. She explores genres such as Afro Neo-Soul, Afro Indie, Afro traditional-folk, and alternative r&b creating a sound that can be understood and heard as Turunesh’s unique musical style and her own alternative genre.Tim Lyre’s Yoruba gospel, highlife, and afrobeat influences in production, the project is a work of sonic & cultural fusion, breathing new neo life into the undeniable force that is Africa’s Alte Revolution. As a songwriter this project is Turunesh’s first time writing from her own personal and collective experience of the Dar es Salaam millennial navigating the misfit scene and rebelling against cultural taboos . It’s because of this that Coastal Cider is sonically, vocally and lyrically defined by its honest, sensual, and spiritual essence.

Asili Spirits Spotlight/Description | Turunesh Genre/Sound Description

Turunesh creates her own space in the world of traditional Tanzanian and African music. With songs like Asili Spirits*, Afrodite, & Honey Na Hennessy and the guidance of Bi Kidude’s essence ( Tanzanian Legend, Queen of Taarab, May she Rest In Peace) one can hear what can be understood as a genre/sound of her own creation that has coined as “Neo Ngoma” & “Swahili Soul”

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